Choosing The Concrete Colours For Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Exposed aggregate creates beautiful patios, pathways and pool surroundings. By choosing specific gravels and other elements such as coloured glass pieces and natural stones, you can colour it a wide variety of shades. You can add pigment to the background cement as well. Thus, the overall tone of the surface emerges from a fusion of the background concrete and the embedded decorations. But where do you start when choosing colours? One approach is to just do the same as when decorating an inside room; look at all the surrounding elements and choose shades that complement each other.

Renovating Your Commercial Premises With Epoxy Flooring And Paint Chips

Worn-out concrete flooring in commercial premises, such as kitchens, garages and cafes, is the ideal candidate for an epoxy makeover. Rather than ripping it up and beginning again, you just cover the existing surface with a resin-type epoxy mixture for a hard and durable finish. There's no need to stick with grey either. This flooring comes with a range of design options, one of which is the coloured-chips system which produces beautiful, speckled surfaces.

How to Deliver Concrete to a Remote Work Site

You may have secured a commercial property that's situated in a prime location "downtown" and surrounded by popular, high-end establishments that are clearly doing well. You have big aspirations here and want to completely renovate the building so that you can open your own goldmine and take advantage of your excellent position. Yet to do so you will need to do quite a lot of heavy construction as you build an extension to the rear, and you're a little worried about accessibility, especially when it comes to delivering concrete and other materials.

Tips to Get a Professional Looking Finish When Polishing Concrete

Polished concrete can be beautiful for interior floors, but after a while, it can start to look lackluster. When that happens, you may want to refinish your floors. If you're thinking about refinishing your polished concrete, there are several tips that can help to make the process go more smoothly. Take a look at these essential ideas for polishing concrete. Remove Old Coatings Before you polish the concrete, you need to remove anything that has built up on the concrete.

Proper Use and Maintenance of Your Concrete Driveway Is Vital to Minimising the Need for Crack Repairs

Concrete is a popular choice of material for commercial and residential driveway installation in Australia, thanks to its incredible strength and durability as well as its low-maintenance nature. Concrete driveways are not, however, completely invincible. Like other types of concrete paving, concrete driveways are susceptible to cracking. Concrete cracking can be caused by several different things, including: shrinkage of concrete post-installation, exposure to cold and wet winter conditions, structural overloading and use of chemical de-icers.