Top Kerbing Styles Suitable for Commercial Facilities

If you own a commercial property, such as a mall or an office complex, the chances are high that you have a parking area and paving. The facilities are critical for every commercial property since they make the spaces functional. That said, a functional parking space and paving are not complete without kerbing. Notably, the kerbing around a commercial property performs many functions, including demarcation to protect footpaths, keeping pedestrians safe and enhancing landscape aesthetics. However, there are different types of kerbs to choose from, and making the right choice is crucial. This article highlights different types of commercial kerbing.

Stamped Kerbing — Commercial property developers build commercial properties that attract tenants and property buyers. In this regard, you can confidently rely on kerbing to making a property's landscape beautiful. For example, stamped kerbing is the best if you plan to enhance a parking lot's outlook. Stamped kerbing has a unique textured and patterned finish enough to grab the attention of passersby. Stamped kerbing can be made to look like natural rocks or paving, ensuring that different elements on a property's landscape come together. The best part is that your imagination only limits the design you want on a stamped kerbing. Most importantly, beautiful kerbing attracts tenants and buyers.

Mountable Kerbing — Malls and office complexes are often busy most days of the week; thus, the driveways see a lot of traffic (vehicular and human). Therefore, safety should be a priority when installing kerbing around such areas. One way of doing it is by finding ways to restrict speed and vehicle movement, and mountable kerbing does a fantastic job. Mountable kerbing acts like speed bumps, slowing down cars as they approach a property. However, their low elevation makes it easy to drive over without causing damage to the kerbs. Mountable kerbs also have rounded, smooth edges, which prevent damage to car tyres.

Mowers-Edge Kerbing — Flowerbeds and the lush lawn on a commercial property need adequate care. Regular mowing keeps a lawn healthy and prevents the growth of weeds. However, you need kerbing that does not hinder lawn maintenance. In this regard, mower-edge kerbing the perfect choice for property owners who value lawn maintenance. The reason is that mower-edge kerbing allows enough ground clearance such that mower blades do not hit the concrete blocks. The edges of some mower-edge kerbs are level with a lawn, ensuring easy mowing as close to the edge as possible. Therefore, when selecting a kerb style for a commercial property, keep your lawn maintenance requirements in mind.