Renovating Your Commercial Premises With Epoxy Flooring And Paint Chips

Worn-out concrete flooring in commercial premises, such as kitchens, garages and cafes, is the ideal candidate for an epoxy makeover. Rather than ripping it up and beginning again, you just cover the existing surface with a resin-type epoxy mixture for a hard and durable finish. There's no need to stick with grey either. This flooring comes with a range of design options, one of which is the coloured-chips system which produces beautiful, speckled surfaces.

How The Epoxy Chips System Works

First of all, a base epoxy layer is rolled onto the concrete surface. This primer can be tinted a range of colours, including bright shades such as crimson as well as muted tones. After that, coloured paint chips are broadcast, or sprinkled, across the entire area while it is still wet. The flakes or paint chips are then pressed into the epoxy coating. Once it all dries, a clear coat is applied over the top to protect the flooring from tyre marks, scratching and chemicals.

Design Variations

This system provides endless design options because you can choose the colour of the epoxy base and the paint chips separately. Different combinations can produce a range of effects. You could develop a monochromatic colour scheme by blending a tan or buff epoxy base with lighter or darker chips of the same hue. Or you could contrast the base and chip colours more strongly. 

Another factor that affects the final result is the number of paint chips applied. A heavy broadcast is one in which the maximum volume of chips has been scattered across the surface. This means little of the base will show through. With a medium broadcast, the paint chips don't entirely cover the base colour, so it combines with the paint chips to create a textured, flecked look. In the case of a light broadcast, more base colour is evident. 

Other design options for epoxy flooring include graphic patterns or logos. Divider strips made of brass, zinc or coloured plastic are used to separate the distinct colours in the design. Decorative quartz provides yet another alternative. These crushed rock pieces come in a variety of colours, letting you match the flooring to its environment. 

Concrete Moisture Content

One thing you need to watch out for is whether the system you are using is moisture resistant. Some epoxy coatings don't allow water to evaporate from the concrete; they trap vapour underneath. For this reason, your commercial concreting contractor might suggest you test the surface for its moisture-emission rate. Other epoxy systems breathe and allow water to evaporate from underneath.

For more information on your options for restoring worn-out concrete flooring, contact a company like Liquid Rock Constructions Pty Ltd.