Trench Drains: Understanding the Material Options for Grates

Trench drains are beneficial in stormwater management because they are constructed as long channels. This design ensures rapid evacuation of runoff, minimising the risk of property flooding and subsequent problems such as building foundation damage. Unfortunately, these furrows can cause significant drainage problems. In simple terms, the trench allows collection of the debris carried along with the stormwater. Therefore, you must install reliable grates to filter out solids to avoid blockages in the drainage setup. If you are in the market for new grates for your stormwater pits, consider choosing one of the below-outlined materials for your products:

Steel Drain Grates

Carbon steel is a strong and reliable material. Therefore, the metal is a popular choice in the manufacture of trench drain grates. The high strength ensures that the grating will support massive loads without distortion, unlike alternative materials such as aluminium. Moreover, carbon steel is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, you can install high-quality drain grates without breaking the bank. If you are planning on purchasing this type of grate, you should think about the vulnerability of the material to corrosion. Make sure that the surfaces are galvanised or otherwise coated to prevent rusting.

Stainless Steel

If you are interested in heavy-duty grates with resistance to corrosion, you should consider choosing stainless steel as your fabrication material. Like carbon steel, this metal has exceptional inherent strength. The grating will withstand high mechanical stress without distortion or breakage. Also, this type of trench drain grate can be used in areas where the stormwater has high corrosive potential. For example, if you are in an oceanic region with saline runoff, you can use stainless steel grates without fear of accelerated corrosion. You should remember that this material is relatively expensive. Therefore, you should ensure that it is necessary if you are working with a stringent budget. 

Plastic Grates

You should purchase plastic trench drain grates if you are looking for non-metallic products with high stability. This option is favoured over stainless steel because plastic is resistant to corrosion, but the cost of purchase is low. You can install this type of grating in areas with saline runoff or even in applications with chemicals. Also, polymers are easy to manufacture. So, you can choose your ideal products from a wide range of designs. If you decide to acquire plastic grates, you should inquire about load bearing and UV stability to avoid accelerated degradation.

If you are not sure about the right grating for your trench drains, consult your contractor for professional advice.