3 Benefits of Installing Polished Concrete Flooring

If you are renovating your home, you may be considering the different ways you can use concrete to improve it. However, most people do not think beyond adding concrete surfaces to their patios, driveways or paths. Did you know that polished concrete can actually be used as flooring inside the home? Below is a guide to three benefits of installing a polished concrete floor within your property.

Increased levels of cleanliness

Carpets and rugs can trap and hold large quantities of dust, hair and other allergens which can lower the air quality in your home and trigger asthma and other breathing problems. Often the dirt held by carpets and rugs remains completely hidden to the naked eye. A polished concrete surface will not trap dust in the same way as the dust will not become trapped and will be easily visible. This will allow you to clean up any mess as soon as you spot it.

Reduced temperatures

Australia experiences very hot summers. If you have fitted carpets in your home, they will help to trap heat within your home by absorbing heat and preventing it from escaping. However, concrete is heat resistant and not raise the interior temperatures of your home during the summer months. Stepping onto a cool polished concrete floor can often be a welcome relief if you have just come in from the hot sun. During the colder months, you can simply lay a few temporary rugs down over the concrete to make the space cosy and warm again. However, if you do so, you should be sure to vacuum the rugs to remove any dust or debris.

Improved fire safety

If a fire occurs in a home which contains fitted carpets, it is likely that the carpet will help the fire to spread through the property. Concrete is not a flammable material, which means that if a fire does break out in your home, any rooms which have a polished concrete floor will act as a fire break, helping to prevent the spread of the flames. Unlike carpets and other soft floor furnishings, polished concrete will not release toxic fumes when exposed to fire or heat which will help to increase the survivability of any fire which occurs in your home.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits offered by polished concrete flooring, you should contact a concrete contractor in your area.