Three Reasons Polished Concrete Would Be the Ultimate Addition to Your Home

Despite concrete being considered an industrial flooring solution, polished concrete has come a long way and is steadily becoming a staple in Australian households. These floors provide a trendy option for individuals looking to install unique flooring without having to compromise on how durable and functional their floors will be. Nevertheless, some people may not be aware of the advantages that polished concrete would afford them. Here are three reasons why polished concrete flooring would be the ultimate addition to your home.

Enhanced sustainability

With more and more people looking at reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring their residence is eco-friendly, polished concrete flooring is one of the options that will provide you with enhanced sustainability. Firstly, if you already have concrete substrates in and around your home, you do not have to worry about purchasing additional flooring materials. Your concrete contractors will simply make use of the current base to create your new and attractive polished concrete floors. Secondly, concrete is manufactured from limestone, which is a sustainable resource. Therefore, your flooring will not be depleting the earth's natural resources.

Decreased costs

Most homeowners look for ways to keep their household costs low. One of the main areas that homeowners will funnel their funds into would be paying for repairs and restorations to remedy structural damages to your home. If you install the wrong type of flooring, you will find that you are regularly replacing the materials due to chipping, warping, splintering and more. Polished concrete flooring provides you with decreased costs, as they are not susceptible to cosmetic imperfections. Once the flooring is installed, the surface is finished with a water resistant coating that prevents moisture absorption. Additionally, the hard surface of the polished concrete is immune to high impact. So, it will stay intact much longer than other forms of flooring.

Hassle-free maintenance

When installing new flooring, it is essential to consider the amount of maintenance that it would require. For example, timber flooring may make a beautiful addition to your home, but you would have to stick to a rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule if the timber is to retain its lustre. Polished concrete flooring is one of the most hassle-free solutions you could consider. Once the floor is sealed, it merely needs occasional mopping to keep dirt from detracting from its appearance. In fact, polished concrete is highly functional in spaces such as garages as it will not absorb grease and other contaminants that it is exposed to.